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(null) error?

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one day when i wanted to open paint.net it didn't open and just showed a weird, long error with the title (null). i tried reinstalling it but right before the installation was about to finish it gave me a similar error. i tried again and again but nothing worked. it looked like this:image.png.52f7583f117b4adadfc8ce174799e92e.png 

i searched for a solution on these forums and found something similar. one of the answers was to try using PdnRepair (or something along those lines), and it worked until it reached 1 second remaining, when it just stopped and froze. i closed it, opened it again, and this appeared:image.png.be10cd6ac31e3462e731c94e806c8809.png

i tried running it as administrator but nothing changed.


i use paint.net quite often and no other program i tried worked as well, and i sometimes really need it. thanks in advance!

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alright, i ran the .net framework repair tool and it said to reinstall the .net framework. i'm not sure how to reinstall it, so i tried everything i tried before again. nothing changed, apart from one thing: when i ran the PdnRepair program, it did the same thing it did initially, freezing right before completion, but this time it froze at 0 seconds instead of 1 second. when i tried again, the same error popped up in the command prompt that opens with it. i tried opening the installer again, but the same error popped up. i'm guessing it's because i didn't properly use the .net framework repair tool.

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hi, sorry for not responding for a while. i was ready to just give up and accept it but i remembered that you said that it wasn't paint.net that was the issue, but that it was actually the .net framework. that was very useful information, as i looked and saw that i had updates pending, .net framework updates! i installed them, and it all works now. thank you so much for all the help!

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