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Sign up almost impossible for foreigners

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Hello, i was looking for pdf pluggins who desapeared to days ago,  and wanted to confirm the files were deleted on dropbox (error 404).

So i wanted to sign up to write a reply in the right topic.

But I am not an english language native,  and  the form i tried to sign up that wont work , telling me that security check failed .

I had to try 20 times to get it work, cycling from one error of the security check to the other one then again the same question etc.


The only way i could sign up was to close my browser, come back and then i hade the question with " one less than seven" AND a puzzled picture.


I suggest you change the way to sign up with something less buggy, i kept on trying and took time to write this post not to criticize, only to inform the siteowner

and help him to enhance the site as i think many people will just stop trying after few buggy try.


Have a nice day and thank you for keeping this software alive and available.


Here are the three questions cycling with the answers i put, resulting in an error. I tried to put the picture visible in the post but i did not find the picture icon on the mesage posting  icon bar


<images removed>


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The Security Check failed because the KeyCaptcha (the puzzle) was not solved or even visible; not because of the questions.

Open up the Console in your web browser, and see if there's any errors regarding the KeyCaptcha.


I've removed your images that showed question answers.

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That sounds like a trouble I've had when using an older browser version or some VPNs and proxy servers. Not on this web site though.


However on other sites verification catchpas may simply not display or you get problems with it accepting your response/answers, just like those described by the OP.


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