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Trying to merge pictures into layers

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  So I have two vector images that I need to add into 1 picture file with a background and although I have read the same steps online from numerous sources:

File open the background picture, add new layer and import from file the front picture


I cannot get this to work for me to save my life. The problem is when I add the second photo, the first picture which is the background, resizes itself to be tiny and no longer takes up the full space it should and manually re-sizing it does not change anything. I have included photos to show what it looks like (the picture size is too big so i had to use an external website) 

https://ibb.co/CbNNk0d    screenshot 1
https://ibb.co/hBGftgg       screenshot 2


Any help would be much appreciated.

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Try this:

  1. Open both images.
  2. On the Character image, add a new layer :LayersAddNewLayer:
  3. In the layers window, drag the new layer below the character layer.
  4. In the image list (top row of images), click on the gradient image
  5. Copy All with Ctrl + Shift + C
  6. Return to the character image and make sure the empty layer has the blue highlight in the Layers Window. Click on it if it does not.
  7. Ctrl + V pastes the gradient into the new layer AND activates the Move tool :MoveTool:
  8. Grab the bottom right control nub & drag the pattern out to fill the layer.
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