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Is there an extention to make the edges of an image fade out?

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I'm trying to edit an image on a different image with but have the edges of the image fade out and go to more transparent so you can't tell where the edge of the image is while still keeping the center 100% transparent. I looked for an extention somewhere that said transparent in it but there's so many and from what I saw none describe to do this effect but it'd take really long to test all of them so maybe you guys know of 1. 

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You can try the Fade Edge plugin:



There's also TR's Edge Fader Extreme plugin:



There's an index of the available plugins here:


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Have you tried the Gradient tool :GradientTool: with the Transparent option :GradientAlphaOnlyTrue:? Radial shape might do what you want.


REF: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/GradientTool.html

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