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How to feather edges?

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I found under Object something called Outline Object but it doesnt seem to do anything. This is what I am trying to do and used Paint.net before to do is where our banner is that has the soft gradient outline ~ snip ~


Can the plugin you suggested do that?

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All of the tools under the Effects > Object menu require an "object" in order to work.  An object is defined as one or more pixels grouped together surrounded by transparent pixels.


So, add a new layer and type your text on that layer.  THEN try the object outline plugin.

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so I have a rectangle, added text, added a picture to it. Went to Object>Outline Object. I do adjustment but it does nothing. Its called Outline Object by pyrochild. 


Before, I had created a banner for my website. I first created a rectangle, then used a tool to make a gradient dark to light outline around it, then added text and  pictures. It worked great, now I don't know where that effect went? Here is what I created with it below. I cannot find that effect now in Paint. 



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