I can't install

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I ran into exact the same problem.


What I did


Install latest from web

1. Downloaded and extracted

2. Run the

3. It finished the extraction installation part to the point where a window pops up so shortly so you can't see and read it.

4. No installation assistant starts and nothing happens.


Install trial from windows store

1. Did install the trial from the Windows store. This worked, but...

2. Start Abbortion with error message: Net Framwork 4.0 missing (my Win10 is already on 4.8)

3. Uninstall



Skype tells me: skypebridge.exe .net framework initialization error.

I believe there is something messed up with my framenetwork setup.

So I went on to repair my framework.


Repair Window 10 files

1. Followed these instruction



New try: Install latest from web

1. Finally installation works.

2. Happy? No! When I start error message (null)



What else did not work?

Install latest Framenetwork 4.8: Already installed.


Reinstall Framenetwork 4.8 and install Framenetwork 3.5.


Repair Framenetwork: netfxrepairtool.exe




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