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Can't Select An Whole Image While Using The Magic Wand

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1 hour ago, Midhun said:

I Just Realised, What If All The Images Are Merged With In 1 Layer? Pressing Ctrl + A Will Select Everything And Using The Rectangular Select Tool And Pressing Delete, Deletes The Background Too... Is There A Solution To This?


When you have one layer, deleting stuff from it will remove it leaving a hole. There is no "background" in a single layer image. It is all colors plastered on to a single layer. Think of it as patterned paper - to remove the pattern you cut a hole in it OR you put more colors over the top to hide the pattern.


I'm not sure what you.re trying to achieve. If you want to erase stuff & leave the background then you'll want at least two layers - one for the foreground objects and one for the background.


If none of this is making sense, please upload your image so we can see what you are trying to do.

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