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Updating control values


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I was wondering how to update controls in a plugin.

The use case is to estimate some parameters and then let the user choose to adjust the values himself.


I my case, I have properties like that :

        protected override PropertyCollection OnCreatePropertyCollection()
            var propertyList = new List<Property>
                StaticListChoiceProperty.CreateForEnum(PropertyNames.WhiteBalanceMethod, WhiteBalanceMethod.None, false),
                new DoubleProperty(PropertyNames.RedGain, 1.0, 0.0, 2.0),
                new DoubleProperty(PropertyNames.GreenGain, 1.0, 0.0, 2.0),
                new DoubleProperty(PropertyNames.BlueGain, 1.0, 0.0, 2.0)

            return new PropertyCollection(propertyList);

For those properties I set up the controles like that :

        protected override ControlInfo OnCreateConfigUI(PropertyCollection props)
            var defaultConfigUi = CreateDefaultConfigUI(props);
            defaultConfigUi.SetPropertyControlValue(PropertyNames.RedGain, ControlInfoPropertyNames.DisplayName, "Red Gain");
            defaultConfigUi.SetPropertyControlValue(PropertyNames.GreenGain, ControlInfoPropertyNames.DisplayName, "Green Gain");
            defaultConfigUi.SetPropertyControlValue(PropertyNames.BlueGain, ControlInfoPropertyNames.DisplayName, "Blue Gain");

            defaultConfigUi.SetPropertyControlValue(PropertyNames.WhiteBalanceMethod, ControlInfoPropertyNames.DisplayName, "White Balance Method");

            var controlForPropertyName = defaultConfigUi.FindControlForPropertyName(PropertyNames.WhiteBalanceMethod);
            controlForPropertyName.SetValueDisplayName(WhiteBalanceMethod.None, "None");
            controlForPropertyName.SetValueDisplayName(WhiteBalanceMethod.GrayWorld, "GrayWorld");
            controlForPropertyName.SetValueDisplayName(WhiteBalanceMethod.Retinex, "Retinex");
            controlForPropertyName.SetValueDisplayName(WhiteBalanceMethod.YCbCr, "YCbCr");

            return defaultConfigUi;

Then, at some point, I update the properties' values with SetPropertyValue like that :

        private void UpdateProperties(PropertyBasedEffectConfigToken newToken, WhiteBalanceMethod whiteBalanceMethod)
            var whiteBalanceFunction = GetWhiteBalanceFunction(whiteBalanceMethod);

            if (whiteBalanceFunction == null) 

            var (redGain, greenGain, blueGain) = whiteBalanceFunction(SrcArgs.Surface);
            (redGain, greenGain, blueGain) = Normalize(redGain, greenGain, blueGain);

            newToken.SetPropertyValue(PropertyNames.RedGain, redGain);
            newToken.SetPropertyValue(PropertyNames.GreenGain, greenGain);
            newToken.SetPropertyValue(PropertyNames.BlueGain, blueGain);

            // XXX : How to update controls with new values ?

Updating the property values works, and I can read back the values with GetProperty.

However it does not update the controls in the UI and the sliders remain to the value that was already set.


How can I update the controls' value to display their properties' value ?


Thanks in advance.


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13 hours ago, John8 said:

Is there a way without IndirectUI ?


Without IndirectUI you can do pretty much what you want with the controls, including changing their values. The user interface is just a Windows Form. The challenge is sufficiently maintaining the look-and-feel of PDN user interfaces. For instance, most non-IndirecUI Effects I've encountered don't have control resets, which many users (e.g., me) expect.

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14 hours ago, MJW said:

 For instance, most non-IndirecUI Effects I've encountered don't have control resets, which many users (e.g., me) expect.


Sometimes the reset button is actually a label just like the TechnoRobbo's plugin.
Clicking on the label resets the control to its initial value.


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