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"move" function for files

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I had to delete and reinstall paint.net after windows crash


two things worked in original version.....everything opened to jpg versus jfif type file (pfif is new to me)

I am currently opening, modifying picture, having to "save as" to jpg file

I prefer jpg


previously I could "move" a file or range of files from source to any external hard drive or dropbox

now, I can only find "copy" to another hard drive, then delete the copied files from source drive


apparently I am now windows ignorant....I tried to set defaults and all it did was create new default apps "photo" and "paint.net"



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The problem that you are experiencing does not sound like a Paint.NET problem.

I seems that some of your Windows file privileges has somehow been restricted.
Are the options such as 'Save as' been grayed out?
Also 'moving' groups of files is a Windows function, not a PDN function.


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