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Paint.Net on Linux?

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You can run a virtual machine, install Windows in it, and then run Paint.NET. Otherwise, you're going to have to go into alternative, and any software that supports G'MIC also provides similar effects to plugins that are offered here. GIMP, Krita, Photoflare, Photoflow all supports G'MIC, but GIMP and Krita offers the best support for it.

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6 hours ago, The Susan said:

How can I download my favorite Paint.net app on my Linux system?


I think your best bet is to 1) purchase a license to run Windows, and 2) download and install VirtualBox.


Best of luck.


Paint.NET Gallery | Remove Foreground Object Tutorial | Dispersion Effect Tutorial

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On 3/20/2020 at 11:16 AM, BoltBait said:

Well, that was your first mistake. 

Rule number 1:


When buying a computer, be sure to buy one that will run the software you need. 

how was that a mistake a lot of people have problems with windows and therefore doesn't use windows its personal preference and you shouldn't be so closed minded with Linux
also linux is free and works on any PC

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@mei, I think you've misinterpreted.  Linux itself is not a mistake.  Choosing to use an operating system, before making sure your software will run on it, is the mistake.


I really like and prefer Xbox, and I even got one for free.

However, if I want to play Super Mario Bros, I'll need to use a Nintendo.  The game won't run on an Xbox.

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