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Odd (Relatively) Image Dimensions

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When resizing images, do the dimensions make any difference to the resulting size of the new image?


Example: 5729x7354 'pixels' resized from 5729 p to 1000 p, as opposed to say 5000p to 1000 p.

I mostly scale to 16-9 = 1600 - 900, 1778 - 1000, etc.

5729x7354 scaled to height = 900, width = 701, reset width (701) to 1600, = 16-9

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When resizing an image make sure the 'maintain aspect ratio' is set to 'on' (checked).
If not your vertical and horizontal dimensions will not be proportional and your image will be distorted!


'Resize' is covered in the Paint.NET documentation in the 'Image Menu' section found here:


More Nfo:


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