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PdN and ThumbsPlus?

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I use a program called ThumbsPlus (http://www.cerious.com] for organizing all my graphics files. In it, you can set up new types of files for it to recognize. I want to set up a File Type for PdN.

If I select "Equivalent to type..." it will associate PdN as a variant of that type of file (EPS, PSP, etc.), but if I try to set it up manually, I can only choose basic settings like Category (image, movie, etc.) and Class (Vector, Raster, Sound, Movie, etc.)

I realize this is more of a ThumbsPlus question than a PdN question, but their support forums are newsgroups, not a message board like this, and I have no idea how to access them. Besides, I figured any technical questions related to PdN would end up having to come here anyway.

Anyone out there use ThumbsPlus and can tell me what settings to use?

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