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How to make a simple Glassy Apple.

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Simple Glassy Apple Tutorial

Plugins used are:

@lynxster4's Shape FruitAlign ObjectBevel Selection – Curves – Fragment Blur – Tile Reflection -  Gradient Mapping -

 Gradient Mapping Presets - especially gold and silver.


PDF at the bottom.









To save time here is the Apple to copy for the tutorial:






1.       Start with a canvas of 1000 x 1000 and fill it with a light grey and white gradient.


2.       Make a new layer and draw the Apple, with the draw filled shape, in color #404040 about 732 x 830 pixels. Align to the center and GB at strength 10 and then use AA’s Assistant twice.

3      Duplicate the apple and on this layer, with the shift Key down, select outside of the apple and then Invert the selection.  Use Bevel Selection, at a strength of #6.


4.       Then deselect the apple and GB on default setting #2.  Change the mode to Negation and merge down to the layer below.


5.       Repeat Steps 3 & 4 twice more.  i.e. Duplicate, select apple, invert, bevel selection, deselect, GB and change to negation then merge down.   

6.       Change the resulting layer to Negation.


7.       Use Curves.    curves-4-PM-Friday.png

8.       Use layer 2 to select the apple, make a new layer and add radial gradient colors.  I used an orange and a red for the apple, two greens for the leaves and a tad of brown for the stalk.


9.       On resulting color layer use Fragment Blur at 4 & 4. 


10.   Duplicate layer 2 and move it to the top of the layers.

11.   Fragment Blur at 4 & 4.




The previous steps are for a basic fruit, after which you can decorate further with gradients.




12.   Duplicate the red apple colors layer and with the Ellipse Select tool cut out half of the apple.



13.   Go to Gradient Mapping and choose a texture – I used Chrome in this example.


Then Radial Blur.



14.   Duplicate the whole Apple again and move it up a layer.  Again, use the Ellipse Select to cut it higher than before.


15.   Change the blend mode to Additive and Fragment Blur at 4 & 4.


16.   Again, duplicate the whole red apple and move it above the last color layer.  With the Ellipse select tool draw a circle and then Invert Selection and delete.  Note:  uncheck the layer to see that you line up with the last image beneath.


17.   Use Fragment blur at 4 & 4.

18.   Then use Gradient Mapping again.  I used Golden #8.




19.   You can always use the curves as well and Fragment Blur on 4 & 4.

20.   Finally, you can stretch your color layers a bit to cover the glass edges.


21.   Then flatten all the layers including the background layer together.







Simple Glassy Apple Tutorial.pdf

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Simple, yet elegant @Pixey!  I spent more time 'coloring'!  😁  Love it! <3




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Thank you for the compliment @Pixey but all I did was follow the steps in your well written tutorial. All credit should go to you.

Blending modes are beyond me and I'm always impressed when tutors teach me how to get such beautiful results with just a couple of clicks.

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