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OotF#53 - Bones - Winners.


OotF#53 - Bones.  

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    • Skull-and-Bones.png
    • fish-bone-shadow.png
    • bones-paint-net.png

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Congratulations to the Winners :star:


In First Place is @welshblue with 6 votes :trophy:


2nd Place goes to @Pixey with 4 votes :trophy-silver:


3rd Place goes to @Vagabondi with 3 votes  :trophy-bronze:


Jolly well done and I thought @welshblue's texture was amazing.  All the others were very well done.  I thought it was a difficult subject 😁


Don't forget to those of you in the USA - the clocks change this weekend ⏲️


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Great entries from everyone!  <3   Congrats to the winners!  :star:


Yes, a very difficult subject, which everyone handled well.


Thanks for the hosting @Pixey!    I'm going to have to get back into the OOTF; haven't had a lot of time recently...


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Thanks for hosting @Pixey - and That Scull - your second entry - isn't it Glossy? :D Would vote for it twice if I could... :Swatch:


Dear voters, thanks for your votes! <3 I made mine on the run (finally got access to the forum one day before the lock - never mind - just wish I'd spent more time w/em). Was surprised to see the lack of participants - no Max no Lynx no MJ no Water Lily no YM etc. I bet y'all would end up with better bones than moi (c).


Cheers! :trophy-bronze:


my gallery is  here


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Congratulations to @welshblue, @Pixey, @Vagabondi! The shading and texture on welshblue's winning entry are outstanding. I think Pixey's first entry is especially realistic.


Sorry there was no entry from me. I had what I consider to be a very good concept of a Georgia  O'Keeffe-style bison skull, but couldn't pull it off by the the entry deadline. As others have pointed out, bones are not an easy subject.

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