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Paint Net impossible to install

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Even if I have all the requirements, as I try to install Paint Net 4.2.10, everything seems to be all right during the installation, but I get this messages in the end (sorry I can't attache the screeshots): 


"The feature you are trying to use is on e network resource that is unavailable. Click OK to try again or enter an alternate path to a folder containing tha installation package 'PaintDotNet_x64_1236074448.msi' in the box below' - Use source C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Staging\ (Browse)


Then I click OK and the second message is that the path C:\Program Files\Paint.NET\Staging\PaintDotNet_x64_1236074448.msi cannot be found and they suggest to find it in another folder


Then I click cancel and the installation is aborted


I've tried to completely unistall the old version (that worked well) and install this one, but nothing.

I've tried to find solutions on the web, but nothing


Can you help me to understand and solve, please?


Thank you very much :)

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I apologize for the necro, but I've just come across this problem and the tool you've linked above is dead now.

Going into the registry editor, it is possible to fix the issue manually.

Open regedit, select "Computer" and then search for "paint.net"
Keep searching through until you find Paint.net, and delete the whole entry.
Continue through until you find a large string of text without the { }


For example, my entry was \Installer\Products\7AAD5202356081F46BF609E0F63202CE

Delete this entry

You should be able to install now
NOTE: This is not advice. Only do this if you are one hundred percent sure of what you are doing.

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