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After Update to 4.2.10 Explorer Did Hang

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I was using an older version of Paint.NET (2-3 Months). I said ok to update after exit. It was doing its usual stuff but at the end my Desktop did not show any icons anymore and my task bar did look like this:




Ok something seems to hang. But it did not recover. When looking with Resource Monitor I did find my explorer.exe to be non responding.

But it seem to have hung with a system service 



which is responsible for Offline File Handling  (CscService) 



When I check the Dump of Explorer.exe I find besides over 800 other threads one which tries to add Verbs for Paint.NET? to some context menu which after creation

seems to force a switch to the desktop. This in turn seems to trigger Offline Service which also calls back into Explorer.exe which seems to take mutually exclusive locks

in the wrong order. 




I do not use Offline Files and I have disabled it in Sync Center. This one seems to create just problems and solves not anything for me. 

Just in case anyone else was having the issue. I have killed the service and killed also explorer.exe. After restarting explorer.exe manually 

everything started working again. 

Not sure if Paint.NET can do anything about, but you might be interested in such random hickups which are otherwise hard to follow up

because Offline files are an Enterprise feature which not too many people might have active. 

Perhaps someone would need to hand over that to MS ... 



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