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Rectangular selection new features

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Hello Paint.net team!

Now we can select free rectangular region and square region with press shift button.

Please review new features in rectangular selection:

1) Photo aspect ratio (3:4) with pressed another button - to select region with easy convert to standard 6:9 photo frame aspect ratio. Can be 3:4 and 4:3 (album and portrait).

2) Original aspect ratio with pressed some button - to easy crop picture with save original orientation and aspect ratio picture.

It can help easy edit, crop and convert photos.


Thanks in advance!

Ilya Petrukhin.

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Welcome Ilya 😁


Did you know you can set the rectangular selection ratio in the toolbar once the rectangle select tool is active? Set the selection mode to Fixed Ratio and enter the ratio in the input boxes. See https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/RectangleSelectionTool.html .

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