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The Introduction Thread


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Hi. I just found paint.net on a forum for a game, to edit the truck/car/boat/plane/otherstuff skin files. I got the hang of it, and found the little "addons" button and the "tutorials" button, checked those out and thought it was kinda cool here. I wanted to be part of the community, and so I registered. :lol:


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Hello everyone!

I've had paint.net since around August 08, but only now have I gotten the courage to join the pdn forum and perhaps post some of my works in the pictorium?

The PDN forum community seems very friendly and helpful and I hope I can continue to learn new things!


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Only in the Overflow lol. No I might not spam here actually. Plus I've seen what you guys must be thinking in other forums like the Pictorium and General Disscussion. That's not what I'll do. Just forget about spam, but I'll be posting my gfx work in a week in the Pictorium. I'm not a pro, but I'm fine at making stuff.


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Uhhh... Hi,

I was born in Oz but now I live in turkey.... Ummm... I'm 12 and..... I love making pictures that look absoulutely 1337 awesome......

If this is the wrong thing to post please tell me..


Ohhhh.. and I joined today....

You got it right. Welcome to our humble forum. :)

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Hey,I'm Nene.

I've had Paint.net a couple days and love it so far.I've been kinda lurking and reading through some tuts.I'm a stay at home mom so Paint.net takes up my free time,plus I love editing and adding effects to pictures for myself and for others.I'm not to skilled but I'm getting there.I'm getting used to using layers and I love the glow effect.Thats about it I will eventually get around to making an album in the Pictorium.

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