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The Introduction Thread


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Hey everybody, FirmWare here. I've been using Paint.NET since about July last year, i used to use Ulead Photoimpact, but it was too basic. I recently tried out photoshop CS3, and thought nothing of it, so i decided to stick with the open source goodness of PDN. I used GIMP now and then, but found it way too complex, and compared to the ease of use and just-makes-sense-ness of PDN, stopped using that too.

So when i'm not making graphics, i'm either practicing my C++, foruming, or gaming. I guess you could say i'm a creative person, as i love to draw, write and code, but my musical talents suck.

So that's a brief history of my life i guess, and i hope to learn loads and help out here.

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Hello, FirmWare. Welcome to the forum! I look forward to your contributions to this community.

Maybe if you studied C# a bit instead of C++, you could add to the plugin list... :P

v An excellent open–source strategy game—highly recommended.


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"For infinite happiness," said the Spirit. "You can step out into it at any moment..."

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Just introducing myself,

jason, from Gold Coast, Australia - G'day

this comes to me highly recommended, seems popular too now that i am here. Should i just ignore my security centre saying this site is High Risk? cause of the hidden identity?

look forward to seeing what this program and all of you can do


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I agree.

I joined a roughly a year ago. I really dislike my username. I also seem to not be very memorable, probably because it is hard for my to draw because I always use a laptop. Hopefully I will be able to get a Pen & Tablet so I can draw better. I also went for probably 10 monthes of not using or going to pdn forums.


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So I noticed when I locked your thread in GDQ. ;-) Welcome back!


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Hello, how are we??

I first looked open these forums yesterday & decided they were really helpful, thus forcing me to register.

So now I am 'IN ON THE ACTION'. ;D

I'm a 15 year old high school student.

I ride BMX.

I sing & play guitar (i'm an awful singer)

I look funny =D

& I love my friends & family.

I have BEBO. (http://konkust.bebo.com)

& MYSPACE. (http://myspace.com/konkust)

Post back & say hi, ye?? =D




Newbie Paint.NET User

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Hi konkust! Welcome to the forum, I hope you'll enjoy your time! :D

Just one last thing to say - beware, I am the Emperor of unfunny jokes! (These jokes are awful and can cause side effects after being exposed to them!) :wink:

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Ello everyone. I've been using PDN for about 6 months now, and only joined the forum roughly a month ago, (wow this really sounds like AA or something) when I decided that I just had to make cursors and icons, and needed a program for it. So I thought hmm.. I wonder if anyone has made one for PDN since it's open source and tada, here I am. I've just recently crawled out of the Pictorium and the tutorials, where I've been lurking, learning new things.

I'm 21, almost 22, I have a mean, but gorgeous 3 year old daughter, and I live in Ohio. You can call me Robin or shadows, or whatever strikes your fancy. Whenever I join forums, I'm almost always asked about my user/nickname. I know, its a bit odd. It's actually the title of a poem I wrote, that was published, and I've been using it on the internet since I was about 13 or so because I thought it was kinda catchy. ;)

Well I suppose that's all there is to know! Nice to meet you all and welcome to the new users!


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hi, my name is james. 48 from georgia i recently joined and really like paint.net. this is my first time using a graphics program. everyone seems to be very friendly. i like a lot of the names and signatures. spirit scout yours sounds pretty cool. why don't you like it. there is a lot of neat stuff on here. looking forward to working and talking with y'all. james

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Hi konkust! Welcome to the forum, I hope you'll enjoy your time! :D

Just one last thing to say - beware, I am the Emperor of unfunny jokes! (These jokes are awful and can cause side effects after being exposed to them!) :wink:

Reminds me oddly of my best friend, somehow. He tells the most amazingly-unfunny jokes you may ever hear (unless you can come out with more?). They're most oftenly so amazingly-unfunny that they're hilarious.

I'm Mitchell, by the way. I hail from Auckland, New Zealand, but am currently a permanent residence of Victoria, Australia. I'm fifteen years of age, completing my first two units of Specialist Mathematics and first two units of Business and Finance (they're probably different categories/subjects elsewhere, but that is what they're called here). I started using PDN on Sunday, and recently sought out the help of some tutorials posted around on this site - gladly taking the steps and stuffing them some place probably already cluttered with short-term memory I barely ever use. Useless knowledge.

Hopefully, this doesn't become one of those useless obsessions and I finally get to do something with it. :]

I have a beautiful fourteen year old sister, and wonderful parents who provide for me. I am glad when I say that I do not have problems - other than the mental one I'm supposed to be seeking help for (narcissism). I know I should not complain about how bad I feel sometimes - because I obviously have everything I could ever want - but more often than not, I'm open about how I feel and don't really care what you think.

Hopefully you all understand when I say that I am barely ever narcissistic/self-absorbed on the internet, and you are all saved from my fury. There's no need to be afraid of me. :]

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Hey! :)

New member on board!

I discovered Paint.NET just about a month ago, sort of by accident.

Quite a happy accident, I must say! :mrgreen:

Now I have been browsing this forum ever since and learned a lot about the program. Tried some of the tutorials. And having so much fun!

(Though it's not that good at all for finishing my masters... :roll: )


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