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The Introduction Thread


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Texas gal here, and wanting to learn from you guys all possible. I have written a EDIT php script for imaging, and for personal use..but that's about it.

I have been on a computer for a short period and still have lots to do, learn.

Thanks for Paint.NET 3.51 and it has giving me an edge on many functions, effects the EDIT php will not produce for me.



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Why has this thread not been coming up at my end?

Sorry for not welcoming you all earlier.

Welcome Splicit, Shock, Gigabyte, JuliaSmith! I hope I haven't missed anyone.

Splicit, I've left comments in your gallery. Shock & Gigabyte I think I have seen some of your works but I'm old & I cannot recall exactly :lol:

Julia, look forward to seeing some of your works.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Just downloaded Paint.Net 2 days ago! I only needed it to do some necessary photo-cropping, which I have already done.

But then, I checked out the programme itself today and I am truly amazed. Especially the special effects. :o

Right now, it all looks confusing, especially working the 'layers', but I am at the "Baa baa...daa daa" stage of the learning curve.

I'm writing this while I wait for a tutorial to download - I'm still on dial up.

I hope I'll be around. :D

Oh yea... I am an old 'Techno Freak' from New Zealand.

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Hey there sunnydays. Welcome to the party!

Learning just happens.

Get yourself a whole bunch of photographs of various types, and start experimenting on 'Effects' & even 'Adjustments'. Then check out the tutorials and work up towards doing 'Layers', which is tricky at first.

I completed my first 3 layer work yesterday, so now I know the bare basics. Yesterday I also checked out the tutorial on 'levels' which left me still completely confused, but am sure I can pick up the idea of it eventually.

I have been exploring the 'RGB' Curves on my own and am starting to get the hang of it a lot better than 'levels', which virtually does the same thing as 'levels' (almost).

Happy playing...

Happy New Year Everybody :D

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