I am a Paint.Net Newbie (Somewhat)

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Uhhh... I joined this forum at 15th of November and kinda doing nothing on this forum
Because I'm busy and I have no complaints.
Hi there anyway, I'm CsyeCok The Soldier. I'm in this forum when I wave a problem with PDN.
I make sprites for a game called "Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number" for my project, which will be released in the Steam Workshop.
I use PDN to make sprites (since a part of the HLM2 modding community uses it) and for messing around with pictures.

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Greetings everyone,


  I am somewhat new to the Paint.Net graphics program although I am not new to graphics manipulation programs. Since 2000, I have been using Paint Shop Pro to do a myriad of projects. I have used MS-DOS  era programs such as Deluxe Paint (I hope I am not revealing my age here). In recent years, I have been using GIMP and KRITA. I am fascinated with using these programs for various purposes. I am finding Paint.Net quite fascinating to use. After viewing various videos on YouTube, I hope to become better acquainted with this marvelous program, as well as the support topics here on this website. Have a wonderful day everyone.


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I have been using Paint.NET since 2009. Before DOS and Windows I used GEOS and GeoWorks Ensemble for the Commodore 64 and its GeoDraw with 8bit graphics. Back in the DOS days I also used Paint Shop when it was shareware. I have also used Deluxe Paint, Photo-Paint, CorelDraw, PhotoDraw, Creature House Expression, Expression Design, Adobe Creative Suite, Inkscape, Krita and more. Now I use Paint.Net mainly for my raster graphics projects.

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