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I am a Paint.Net Newbie (Somewhat)

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Hi. My name is JDanek and I installed paint.net b/c I want to use it to make Formula 1 themed website banners in the size of 900x200 using layers that will make it possible for me to blend together multiple images or maybe have cool gradients that give an outstanding look and feel to the image(s).


Is there a tutorial for this? I've started searching through the forums but it's a bit overwhelming, to say the least! I really just want to learn how to make good banners for our Formula 1 (F1) fans' website, which is http://www.darmeth.com. I tried making some banners using a combination of Picasa and SnagIt editor but can't seem to get 'em right.  :|




Can anyone help? 

I really feel like i need a lot of help but would benefit from even elementary guidance. I hope your forum is characterized by nice, helpful people and not meanies who berate and abuse newbies trying to figure out how to use what seems like a very complex and intimidating application...  :jark: <--- (btw I'm not sure what this is but it looked cool)



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Welcome to the forums. In the future, try to ask your questions in the "Paint.NET Discussions & Questions" section of the forum.


For now, I'll give you a few pointers. Try messing around with layers. If you want to put together multiple images to create one, you'll have to learn layers. Add gradients to your layers and play around with the different blending modes. You should also download some fonts (free ones) off the internet and experiment with them to see what matches your banner the best.


It may be hard to tell, but if you look at my sig you'll notice everything I just mentioned here are all practices I use to make it (as well as my other sigs). You're opportunities are endless.


Good luck and again, welcome.

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Hi JDanek. Welcome to the forums.


I highly recommend trying out as many of the tutes as you can. The reason is that you will accelerate your learning so that you can use it to produce images for your purpose. 


For example, the text tutes will give you ideas on different styles, plugins, blend modes. working with layers etc. You can post your results in the tute thread or feel free to start your own gallery & post up what you do so that we can guide you to improvement. 


Looking forward to seeing how you go.:D


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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Hi everyone! 


I'm an 18 year old guy from Croatia. I do GFX art as a hobby and I've finally decided to join this community, after using PdN for quite a while.

Other than that, I enjoy gaming, music (mostly house, electro and techno), raving, and going out with my buddies or girlfriend. Yeah, I'm a typical teenager. 


Anyways, just wanted to say hello to everyone. :)



Dang, my sig looks awful resized like this.

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Hello Friends


This is my Introduction threads now need to ask something about myself, I am Ron Wood from Zurich, Switzerland. We are working and managing Artist Database companies for Financial Art investment and Art Advisory services.


And other thing, I like watching movies, table tennis and go for long trip.

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That's one of the nicest introductions I've seen! Welcome mamuncei. It's a pleasure to have you here :D

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G'day, ladies and gentlemen. I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Helloman892 (legal name redacted), and I like art. Also games. And art games. And computers. And various other things that I won't go into now. I just so happen to live in Ipswich, England; although I may seem slightly antagonistic and perhaps slightly-very cocky at times, I am actually quite friendly. At least, that's what my friends say.



Anyways, I hope to have a nice stay on this seemingly very happy side of the internet, and intend to get involved in as many arguments as possible will try to be as helpful and constructive as possible.

My sig and avatar are inbound ASAP.



I absolutely adore Death Note.

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:D welcome aboard Helloman. That's an intriguing intro - I'm gonna have to keep my eye on you ;)
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Hi there! My name's Toby and I've been using Paint.NET for years! When the update to 4.0 was put into play I thought I'd come here to seek help with some technical issues, and it turned out that there was a really cool community.


Looking forward to talking with you chaps!

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I might as well introduce myself as I thought I would just be in and out but I haven't. So anyway I'm me, I draw fan comics in pencil then scan them in and digitally ink and color them with paint.net. I'll never post anything I draw.

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