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I am a Paint.Net Newbie (Somewhat)

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Warm welcome to all the newbies! :)

Why, thank you!


...and welcome, all you newcomers!


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Hello. I'm known as Copy Cat Master because I like to copying and editing stuff (Apart from stealing other people creation of course). I'm just getting used to Paint.NET so, I decided to register on the Paint.NET forum to gain more knowledge and get more help as much as I can. I have already made a Glow beam/Light beam tutorial that almost look good as photoshop Glow beam/Light beam. You can find it in beginner tutorial section. (http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/26054-glow-beamlight-beam/)


About me. I'm just a normal 17 year old Asian school boy that like music, anime & I'm currently interesting in graphics stuff.


Nice to meet you and I hope we all will get along together.
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Welcome Copy Cat Master, I look forward to seeing your works, I love Asian culture and anime as well xD.


Wlecome back GamerMomoe aka Zelda_Guru! I remember you vaguely (i believe you disappeared shortly after my joining so yeah xD

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Hello everyone! I joined the forums the other day, and didn't see this thread! I have had paint.net for several years, but never really got into it until recently. I can't thank everyone enough for how much I've learned from tutorials and the amazing powers the plugins give. Hopefully I can give back to the community soon!

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