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I am a Paint.Net Newbie (Somewhat)

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Hello pdn forum,

Took me some time to figure out there was a place to drop a first post/intro. Old rules on etiquette keep slipping year after year in the wake of the 120 character mindset ... (mumble grumble social media ...) And I thought AOL was the horror. Little did we know ...

Not sure what I should say as an introduction with this forum, but here it goes:

I'm an aspiring geek who wants to embrace his creative side. I come from the systems analyst world but recently was required to dive into using PDN for e-commerce. But, at best, I used it as a cudgel to process things. (Past tense. You cant have 50 job titles and duties, and actually expect to make headway in a hostile work environment.)

Prior to that, in a bygone era, I used to generate fractals with fractint. (Not flames people. Just fractals.) I still look back in amazement at waiting for days to render a single image for a proof on the math that now can be done in the blink of an eye. The 8088 and the 286 were simply not ready for that imho. I also delved into 3D and all the rest. Including non-digital mediums. I think the non-digital is where I took the feedback that "you're not an artist" and bought into it.

Am I an artist? Sure. Everyone is. You just have to wake up and understand that you do art for you and if people like it, that’s just a bonus. Ditch your ego and you’ll be amazed at what you can create. (Unless you are doing it to feed yourself. Then you need to be a hack and get lucky … ::grins:: )

Mike Ryan may have this covered some of these in his 11 habits, but here are few thoughts about things I've learned about PDN in my brief foray into trying to evolve from crudley using it as a tool into wanting to use it as an art medium (in no particular order):

· PDN is understated, under-appreciated, and under-utilized. (Much like its forum.)

· Save, and ‘save as’ often. Make sure to put them all in the same place.

· Take notes. Or at least take a screen shot of your history and save it with the project.

· It's done. Move on to something else.

· If you need inspiration, re-create it and look on in wonder how much you just learned. But again, it’d done, move on to something else.

· You're stuck. Take a break.

· You dont need plug-ins to accomplish 99% of what you’re aiming for, but they were created to speed up the process. Embrace them after you learned why they were made.

· Plug-ins will influence your outcome. Dont become a slave to them.

· There is more to this than meets the eye.

· Art is what you appreciate. Ignore what other people are doing.

· Other people are better at this. Deal with it.

· The help file has more to it than you give it credit for.

· There are some things PDN cannot do. (Like wash the dishes …)

· Photoshop tutorials are confusing but can offer valuable insight.

· Large canvas reductions don’t always work. 3 to 1 vs 2 to 1 reductions often lose the detail you just spent hours creating.

· That’s not even close, but I should save it cause it's nifty.

· Duplicate layers are one of the best methods to “undo”something when it goes wrong.

· Don’t forget your computer has a clock and everyone else is following that perception of time.

I’m sure there is more I can add that I’m forgetting. Heck, that’s my MO in many respects. That’s just what came to mind at this moment. Plus I’m sure there is a post character count limit, including code tags, I need to avoid hitting here …

And finally, and most importantly, a huge Thank You to all the contributors who have helped evolve PDN and provide the support needed to keep it going.

Best regards,

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Gallery at PDN-Fans

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Hello all.

My name is Leanne, I reside in the UK and I have been using paint.net for just a litlle over a year now and find it to be a very flexible program. I first started using it to enhance my scanned photo's from the past. And now have many of the great plug-in's installed and find myself trying to do some of the excellent tutorials.

I have joined the forum so that as and when needed I can ask for assistance or just comment on some of the pictorium creations.

A big thank you too all the developers and plug-in writers for creating a first class program. :)





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Hello Everyone,

I'm Jaxon from Oregon,been dabbling with PDN off and on for about three years. Decided to get serious three months ago and started hanging out in the tutorials.

My thanks to all of the tutorial authors and to the whole PDN community for creating and sharing this outstanding program. I truly enjoy the challenge of starting something in 2D and ending with a 3D finish.

A special thanks goes to welshblue, for his Improved Quick Spanner/Wrench tutorial (page 3 of Creations Tutorials). His inspiration led me to this.


Admin/Moderator - My sincere apologies for being a bad toad and starting a new topic (New guy on the block) and posting here with identical content. Was not my intention to break the rules (bumping my post?). I am an absolute noob to forums. Can you tell?

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Hi Jaxon, welcome!

Thank you, it's great to be here.

Welcome delpart, nitenurse and Jaxon

@ Jaxon ... wow. Fantastic job on the chrome and love the etching of the text. Very crisp and clean. Nice one

I'm a big fan of your work welshblue, so feed-back from you is very much appreciated.

And Thanks for a well written tut.

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Hi to you here.

I have for some time used Paint.NET. I most use this forum for plugin download, but now decide to join in with the community here :)

I was born raised in Japan but some years now I live in the UK. Modestly I will rate my ability of this program semi-advanced, before I find Paint.NET I was photoshop, gimp, irfanview also chasy ies artist user, but this program opens more to me. Every tool, plugin, adjustment is only 1 click away - unlike other program - I look to the future of v4.0 so much and continue to use 3 series with passion also enjoyment. Please accept apology for some English word here. I love Paint.NET and thank you for boltbait, redochre, pyrochild - plus more - for providing time effort with nice plugin pack. Please also can I thank Rick Brewster for begining this program in the first instance.

Thank for reading.


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Hello all

My name is Jean. I've been using P.N for a few years now mostly to abstract an occasional photo for my desktop. I recently crashed my P.N by putting too many brushes in the brushes folder, which led me to think that I needed to stop goofing off and get more creative. I've had some luck following the tutorials and have learned something new with every one I've tried.

Well, I'm off to make an avatar and sig.




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@ Jaxon, Thanks...love your sig, it's so clean looking. My work is a little messy, but I'm trying to be a lot neater when following the tutorials.

Whew...I had a heck of a time figuring how to post my avatar.

Messy? Your avatar looks pretty darn clean to me. Nice job!

Glad to hear you're into the tutorials, keep with it, your skills will improve in no time.


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