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Cut out text with part of the background around

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Hello guys. Its the first time I am posting here so I hope this is in the right category.
I have searched and searched but cannot find the right answer (or if I am not using the rirght key words I dont know).

I want to outline my text, but not with a solid color. I want to outline the text with a specific background around. I had a hard time even finding a good example of it, so I'll post something relatable. The outline in this picture is white, but I want to choose a specific picture/background and cut it out around the text. Do you guys get me on this? 
Is this even possible in paint.net? I have tried to do it by hand, but the result is not good enough. 


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That is a great solution.
I came up with another but did not have it before you did.

It has a few less steps so here it is:


I use a font called 'Sweet Sorrow' at 170 pts on a 1920 x 1080 canvas and violet as its color.

Next on a duplicate layer I applied the Outline Object plugin pyrochild ( my plugin set ) with settings shown in the attachment

After merging down I used the Wand tool set to Global with a 10% tolerance for making the cyan outline transparent.

The result is a mask that can be overlain upon a texture or gradient.



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Thanks @xod, and welcome to the today's session on freestyle cat skinning. 🙂



I looked at your attachment at 1400% magnification and did see that the Wand Tool does not use anti-aliasing as does Alpha Mask and Drop Shadow plugins.

Drop Shadow does allow for a variety of shadow placement but does not provide for greater shadow widths than the Outline Object plugin.

What has been made clear is that @typiiz has a variety of options!


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1 hour ago, welshblue said:


So it can.  Not like me to miss a text plugin.  Cleanest edges out of all the options  too IMO 

( I found a small glitch on some types of text ... where best to post it  ?) 



It doesn't ... but that's where Ctrl + F comes in.  I still stand by,  it's 'cleaner'



A similar result came be obtained with Pyrochild Outline Object if you adjust the Softness control (anti-aliasing).

You are a ware that Drop Shadow appears to be sharper because anti-aliasing is being applied with Blur Radius control being set to a value that is also adjustable from 0?

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They can also be found at GitHub

Just scroll down and right click on the files, save file link, and place the appropriate folder


(Sometimes Windows will not allow a direct save of a .dll file to a programs folder, so you may have to save to some place like the download folder or the desktop and copy and paste it into the appropriate folder)

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