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Looking for a *realtime* mirror plugin

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I'm looking for a plugin that would add a feature similar to something Krita software does: it draws a vertical (or horizontal) line across the canvas, and whatever I draw on one side gets mirrored on the other, in realtime. Here's a video to illustrate (not mine): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnSiABCno_Q


I've tried the Plugin Index, but so far I only found plugins that would mirror things as an applied effect, not in realtime as I draw. Does anybody know of one like I'm looking for?


Thank you!

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The workaround is to draw one half, duplicate the layer (Ctrl+Shift+D) then flip it horizontally (Layers > Flip Horizontal)

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@Eli - I'll give that one a go, although judging by the euthor's description it's not exactly what I'm looking for.


@Ego Eram Reputo - Well, obviously. But I was looking for something that could be a part of the creative process, not just a post-factum effect.


Thank you all! I guess I'll just have to keep using Krita for whatever requires this kind of mirrored drawing. Man, I hate its UI...

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Late to see this post. Can't blame you on some of the distaste for the UI in Krita (especially around copy/paste operations); I'm missing the ability to set the mirror origin. I've known about it for awhile, but haven't gotten to adding it, focusing on a variety of other things. Good to know that someone is needing it though; that means I could make it a priority for Brush Factory. Then hopefully that would become suitable. At the moment, mirror symmetry isn't good for much more than seamless textures or mandalas since the origin is always the center of the canvas.

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