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Clone Stamp - Square instead of circle?

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Hello @louisette and Welcome :)


1.  To make a square you can use the Rectangle Select Tool :RectangleSelectTool: i.e. with left mouse click, drag it outwards.


2.  To make a solid square/rectangle use the Shapes Tool :ShapesTool: and in the menu (top tool bar find a ^ next to Rectangle and choose whether to have a solid or a line.


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3 hours ago, louisette said:

L'outil forme je peux choisir un carré c'est OK mais ce n'est pas ça ma question.  Quand j'utilise l'outil TAMPON moi je voudrais avoir toujours un carré au lieu d'un cercle par défaut, c'est ça que je ne sais pas comment faire.


Translation: The shape tool I can choose a square it's OK but that's not my question. When I use the CLONE STAMP tool I would like to always have a square instead of a default circle, that's what I don't know how to do.


3 hours ago, toe_head2001 said:

A square brush is not currently possible. Hopefully that will change in Paint.NET v4.3.x; whenever that is released.


^  A square brush is not available for that tool.

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I don't think a square selection would be that useful in general.


My typical use for the clone tool is to cover up erased image content or things like unwanted or badly positioned text on variable tone/coloured backgrounds. Overlapping circles can blend in almost seamlessly if the donor area is well chosen but I think with the straight lines of a square selection it would make that more difficult.


However I can see how a square selection might have purpose if the area you were using it on had a regular pattern with straight lines too.


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