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BArnold's Art Gallery


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BArnold's Gallery!

Yes, I am a n00b at Paint.NET. So these images will be very basic. Hopefully as I earn more with Paint.NET, I will get better! Anyways, on to the Art...

My mother passed away when I was 10. I think its a shame that my 11 1/2 month old daughter will never get to meet her. So I made these two!





I also created this one for my fiance:



I will be posting more images as I make them! I love Paint.NET even more than I did the GIMP. I'm glad my new Vista had problems with the GIMP!!!


Click the image to see the animation! | Click here for my Gallery

Click here to visit my town!

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nice gallery see you will be doing a little scene for us all with little people.

one suggestion you might try running those people across the screen in stead of one under the other.

the trick is after the url don't hit enter and do not leave a space. if you hit quote on this message you will see how I spaced them.

And now, here's some pixel art:




Uhmmm... I think I might be addicted! :shock:

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