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Request: Rectangle with inverted rounded corners.

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15 hours ago, welshblue said:

I've been fighting with ShapeMaker to make frames like these ... and always  lose


It is possible to make one shape with ShapeMaker but the corners are fixed and not resizable when used as a  shapes tool.  For me. ShapeMaker is great when I try to do something simple, otherwise I get lost when I try to do something like the shapes made by  @lynxster4.

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Have a look at these shapes and see what you think. 3 of 11 done. Load each one in shapemaker and see if a light bulb turns on inside that head of yours. If you would like I can do all 11 of them and post it in the shapes thread.


These are the project files. Not the actual shapes. You can export them from shapemaker to create the usable shapes



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