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While this is probably the wrong place, I'd like to hijack this thread based on your response for a feature request.


To add a mechanism to change the hardcoded "open recent" value to a user chosen number up to 50.


My normal photography workflow is to go through my days photos (hundreds), and pick out the ones I like, by drag & dropping into P.N. Usually will end up with around 20 to 80 photos. Then, after selection, I'll go through and edit one by one. Several (SEVERAL) times I've had my laptop spontaneously reboot with no control. This means I'd have to go through the laborious process of comparing images from the start.


I am not caring about restoring history/changes to files - I only want an easy way to re-open every image that was open when P.N was closed. (going through "Open Recent" is time consuming, and a single "open all" would be best, but this would still be easier than starting over)

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