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How To Create Randomised Faded Edges

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I have an image that I'll be printing onto a black t-shirt, but I need to find a way of feathering the edges so that the image looks more part of the shirt rather than stuck on. (I hope that makes sense).  The feathering should not be uniform, so I thought about using Clouds, but I can't get my head around how to create a black cloud vignette layer.  Any ideas? Thanks.

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Hello @mafitd Do you know that you can use the eraser tool :EraserTool: by going to the Colors Window and lowering the Opacity - Alpha value.  Then you can work around the image to 'soften' it around the edges.


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Use the Alpha Mask Plugin

Duplicate your layer.  Fill that layer with white.  Go around the edges making large black circles.  Gaussian blur the layer until it looks smooth.  Ctrl-C to copy.  Click off the visibility of that layer.  Go to the layer with your original pic and use the alpha mask plugin. The areas of white will show up and the black will be transparent. 

You can make another layer and place that beneath it, and fill it with a random bright color to see which areas are transparent.  Delete the two new layers and you are left with your original pic with randomized faded edges.

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