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default save = jpg How to see jpg vs pdn in Windows Explorer?

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I mostly work with .jpg images so I have set Windows Explorer to open jpg images in Paint.net, however windows explorer now diaplays both jpg and pdn files as file type paint.net.


I often have 2 versions of the same image - jpg and pdn


Is there an easy way to cause Explorer to identify the different file types - mayby display an additional attribute?


Currently the only way I can tell is if I have two files with same name - larger will be pdn. Sometimes I do not know until I open the file.


If I cannot resolve this I will probably only make pdn files open with paint.net by default.


Thanks ColinK


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This is really a default icon issue and one reason I do not let any third party program take over as default for all similar file types. 


Windows makes it awkward to revert back to the default Windows Photo Viewer (or whatever it is called now) for a specific image file type. In fact once any program is associated with a particular file type, like images, Windows does not provide a mechanism for reverting it all back. You have to go into Control Panel > Programs > Default Programs > Associate a file type.......... and laboriously change each extension's association.


There are programs out there that do it the more logical way ie. listing all the extension associations for a particular program so you can unassociate them individually, in batch or all. That will also remove it from right click mouse context menu; very useful if you've accidentally set completely the wrong program as default at any time. It will remain an Open With option otherwise.


In this case the Windows in-built association tool actually should be fine as there is only one image file type involved. ColinK has specified just .jpg but the separate .jpeg extension will need to changed too.


BTW sometimes Windows will not revert back to the original icon.


Windows has a number of image file type icons that may be applied and you may have to use the Change Icon option under Properties and sift through Windows DLLs and other files to even find the original icon. For whatever reason they are not all neatly located and applied from a single location.


This happened to me on one occasion when I installed an update to another graphics program which mistakenly (apparently) had the option for it to be used as the default to open all image file types pre-ticked. After I eventually undid that I found all my Bitmap image files, which I do not use that much, were displaying a completely different Windows Photo Viewer icon. I had more time wasted searching for the original icon but it was eventually found and replaced.   







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