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PDN files thumbnail viewer - browser

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I apologize if this is trivial question.

I'm looking for a graphic software, which will be able to preview pdn files in a form of thumbnails. Of course it would be nice, if instead it worked in the file manager since it is win-10 store application. Do you have any recommendation? I wish I missed something.


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It should just work. I have, however, noticed that it's inconsistent with images in my OneDrive folders. Sometimes it just doesn't work there and I don't know why.


Also, things could be weird if you have both the Classic and Store versions installed. If you've got both installed then uninstall both and then install the one you want to use.

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The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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Thanks @Rick Brewster - you just made my day! I copied test folder to local Desktop and it shows the thumbs  just fine. I'm not running store version yet - I prefer to be in control of the updates (as much as I can). I checked - the OneDrive files are even available locally, so this may be another issue with file explorer or file system.


Thanks for the great program!



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I had this thumbnail issue as well. At some point all my *.pdn files showed the default paint.net icon instead of a thumbnail, and I never found the cause.

Today I got to the bottom of this. It's Onedrive files on demand. Thumbnail handling outside of a onedrive folder always works perfectly. Thumbnail handling within a OneDrive synced folder appears broken.


It is connected with Onedrive Files on demand. If you activate files on demand (Onedrive settings->Files on demand), Windows explorer downloads thumbnails from the Onedrive cloud service instead of creating them from local files, even if the files are stored locally. The cloud service doesn't seem to have a thumbnail handler for *.pdn files, so no thumbnail is downloaded and the generic icon is displayed.


Solution: deactivate Onedrive Files on demand in the Onedrive Settings app. Thumbnail downloading from the cloud is immediately replaced with local thumbnail generating. You see the difference immediately after you uncheck this setting.

It's not enough to keep the setting active and mark *.pdn files to be stored locally ("always keep on this device" in explorer). Instead, it's necessary to actually uncheck this setting.

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