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outline problems

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First of all, you should post plugin problems into the respective plugin's thread so that the author can more effectively find and learn about these problems.

Secondly, the problem is caused by a new rendering ... thingy (ask someone else, I'm not too sure) that Rick implemented in the latest version. It also happened to Feather, but BoltBait has already fixed that. I'm guessing the author hasnt had the time to fix this plugin yet.

Call me expired. Please.


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Well, there are several outline plugins. I wrote one, pyrochild wrote one, and I'm sure there are others. I have no idea which one you are using, but if it was mine, you're right, there was a bug in it that was uncovered when PdN 3.36 shipped. The good news is, there is an update available here: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=22819 All you need to do is install the plugin pack and you should be all set.

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