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Brushes for Hair?

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Hi there, was wondering if we have any plug ins/Brushes we could use to create windblown hair effects on Gaming shots? I have attached a pic as an example. I am not after anything to actually MAKE hair, just to be able to manipulate it a bit. I am a novice with the programme, learning as I go I have to admit so there could be something that is already usable in the programme? 

Many many thanks

Nikki 🙂

Opera Snapshot_2020-01-23_191828_www.flickr.jpg

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I think that I read in a future iteration of Paint.Net, it would permit the use of brushes with out the need for plugins, but util then you can install  Brush FactoryAfter that you can do a web search for hair brushes ABR files such as this one:


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Welcome to the forum Nikki 😀


For the hair, try the excellent Liquify plugin. For tips on how to install plugins, go here

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