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I think all that should be necessary is to use the Vandermotten's "ObjectAlign.dll" part of:-

I do not understand exactly what the OP is trying to do but if he is trying to put the mask icon in the middle then that is where he should start.


Centre that using the plugin mentioned then in another layer simply use the Shapes > draw shape outline tool > pentagon to draw a one as an alignment grid.


Then just re-position the other icons in their existing layers to touch the edges at each angle of the pentagon.


The only problem I can see is that if you use the alignment tool the central icon will not be equidistant from the other icons. It will be centred on the canvas not the pentagon even though the pentagon itself is centred.


But once the outer icons are in place it is simple to merge them all into one layer and shift all of them up or down the canvas to suit. This is a quick, very rough, example of what you should have, before shifting either the central icon down or the five outer icons group up.


Ignore the background compositional grid (Red Ochre's plugins) I thought it might be useful but in this case it wasn't. However a vertical centre line would have been useful for the top and central icons. Those two are really the only placements where you would actually benefit from the use of the alignment tool.


Once all aligned just delete the background layer with pentagon and grid.  







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@IHaveNoName The distance is wrong. I know that's not helping. What would help in this case is a plugin that does the following: 


1) Finds the minimum x where alpha is greater than 0, maximum x where alpha is, minimum y where alpha is greater than 0, where maximum y is greater than 0. 


2) Use that info to find where to place image relative to the center of canvas.


3) Finally translate the image using distance and angle. This involves the usage of sin and cos and radian.


Fragment Blur use some of that. 

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I realised that the distances were wrong later. Aligning to the inside angles of a roughly equilateral pentagon clearly does not produce the positioning required.


To get the outer icons equidistant from the centre icon and its two neighbours is more complex than I thought. They need a 72 degree radial separation (360 divided by 5) so I had another thought that it could simply be achieved by aligning the centre icon using the plugin mentioned and the outer icons all aligned horizontally centred above the centre icon at the preferred distance in separate layers.


My idea was then to place each icon around the centre icon by rotating its layer either 72 or 144 degrees clockwise/anti-clockwise as required, using the Layers rotation tool.


Works and was quite easy and quick to do using the tools mentioned but the distances and the centering still are not right so I'll leave it to those here more adept at resolving such geometrical problems.  


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My organigram plugin would help produce a positioning guide.

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