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I am looking for .png animator plugin

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Me and a friend of mine will be using paint.net as our content creator. We will create the animations in png format but it would be great if we could actually see it working. If there are any animator plugins that work with png just point them. I tried to search the forum but takes too much time, I am rather inpatient :(

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What I am looking for is a simple tool. PNG animation comes with drawing different parts of the png. That is how we are going to animate everything in our game. Basically draw different rectangular parts of the PNG for certain time in a small window. That is what I am looking for. It actually should be easy plug-in to make. Maybe I might spend some time on that.

The APNG sounds good but it is an effort to use paint.net and then use another software to see the animation but is a solution for now.

Thank you.

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That is how we are going to animate everything in our game.
If you are creating a game, a better format and method would be to use Flash animation. Taking the easiest construction of such an animation, there are a few What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) pieces of software where everything is created 'in-house' (thus no need to cross applications if this is what you are hoping to avoid) and is relatively simple to animate elements or introduce interactivity - with a little practice, time and effort.

Now, with this, the format for the graphics of the project is usually a vector one (SVG, etc.), not a raster such as PNG. This is not to say that PNGs cannot be used - you are able to import raster objects - just that a vector would give you greater control over editing the object. I would not want to turn you away from Paint.NET, but if you are planning the creation of a game, I can't see that Paint.NET would be the best, sole tool for the job.

I am no animator nor game designer, but I have dabbled once or twice, finding that Flash is far superior than a per-frame basis of operation. There are a few freeware alternatives to Adobe's Flash systems, some good, whilst some not so. Whatever the case, some research in this area would not go a miss.

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