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Cannot save a particular PDN file as JPG, PDN OK

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And if possible please attach the image (may need to ZIP it up first)


Yeah please provide information other than "it doesn't work" when reporting an issue ... we're not psychic :-\

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PRO-TIP: Don't type the extension - select it from the drop down list ;)


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^ I think it very likely it is just that simple and the file is named xxxxxx.jpg or xxxxxx.pdn (is not clear which) and that is not the actual extension.


By default Windows hides files real extension.


In the first case, which is the most likely, it will default save type .pdn but Windows will display it with a JPG icon and report an error if you try to open it with Windows Picture Viewer. Same with PDN too but you should see an error message box with details which indicate a file type error.


Interestingly I've just tested this and what may happen is that the additional .jpg naming will be treated by Windows as the extension and it will also be hidden or missing.


Fixing it is simple but only if you change the default Windows View settings to show the actual extension and change it. Otherwise I'm not sure of an easier alternative as the display name may not now include the problematic .jpg naming addition.


Sorry to mention it but IrfanView will recognise problems like these if you try to open them; it provides an immediate simple renaming option and will still open it anyway.



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