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How to transform image to remove perspective distortion?

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I often take photographs of screens from conference presentations.  Because it is not possible to take the photos from directly in front of the screen, the image has a perspective distortion. The screen image in the photo is a trapezoid or quadrilateral rather than a rectangle.


I was unable to find a transform function in Paint.net, so I searched plugins and found the dpy perspective plugin.  I thought it would do the right thing, but in practice I found it was impossible to find the necessary settings to apply the necessary correction. Every transformation to remove one edge's distortion introduced another distortion of a different edge.


I think dpy created the plugin to introduce a perspective effect to an existing flat image, not remove it from an image shot off-axis.


IMHO, the ideal approach for my correction task would be to draw a quadrilateral with the vertices corresponding to four corners of the distorted image. The algorithm would apply the necessary transformation to the image to make the quadrilateral into a rectangle with 90 degree corners.


Is anyone aware of any plugin or approach to accomplish this?

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