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One corrupted JPEG

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It depends on the sort of corruption/damage the file has suffered.


If all the detail is there you should be able to get some improvement but if half the picture is missing - like that caused by a partial copy or move failure I do not think PDN is going to be able to fix that.


But in forums like this there are people with wide knowledge of graphics in general who may be able to suggest a solution so it is worth asking about. But without seeing the image or one with similar corruption it would be unlikely anyone here will be able to help.


You have to prepare for the possibility that the picture may be unrecoverable.


If you get no specific help or suggestions that work I suggest you Google "repair corrupt JPG" as there are free programs and online tools available which may fix the problem. This is just one I found straight away, no endorsement, never used it but is the sort of thing I'm talking about:-



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Hello @tingeiy and Welcome to the forum :)


There is tutorial in the Tutorial Graveyard on this subject, which perhaps could be restored.


Otherwise there is this:


See this video first.


How to download the Plugin for Paint.net




How to get the Wire Worm





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