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What will tablet support look like?

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I believe Rick is layout groundwork for adding tablet support, but it would be helpful to get a peek into which tablet brands will be supported so I can replicate that in Brush Factory. It's my understanding there is no standard interface for accessing tablet data with pressure sensitivity, stylus tilt, etc., and each brand of tablets (Wacom, Huion, and others) will have a separate API for it, which is why knowing the supported tablet matrix would be useful. Since this isn't my area of expertise, I may be wrong.


Thanks in advance.

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This is fairly simple actually :) Paint.NET is only going to be using 1 API for tablet support: the native Windows "Pointer" API introduced in Windows 8*. I suspect, but can't verify, that any tablet you can buy these days will support that. If it can do ink in OneNote, or the Win10 Ink Workspace (or whatever it's called), it should be good to go.


If you already have a tablet and want to determine if it's supported, just boot up Paint.NET (4.2.6 or later), go to Settings -> Diagnostics, and look for a section that describes the Pointer devices. It will be after the CPU and before the GPUs. Also, you will have a "Native Pointer Input" checkbox in the User Interface section at the bottom (without a supported device, that option won't be there).




* Corollary being that Windows 7 will not be supporting tablet, stylus, ink, pens, etc.

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