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Cross-Color Adjustment plugin

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Is there anything like a color curve filter being influenced by another channel?


For better explanation on what it is as I have a hard time explaining.



Cross-channel color adjustment

New in version 4.1.

Sometimes, when you are adjusting the colors for an image, you want bright colors to be more saturated, or have a little bit of brightness in the purples.

The Cross-channel color adjustment filter allows you to do this.

At the top, there are two drop-downs. The first one is to choose which Channel you wish to modify. The Driver Channel drop down is what channel you use to control which parts are modified.


The curve, on the horizontal axis, represents the driver channel, while the vertical axis represent the channel you wish to modify.

So if you wish to increase the saturation in the lighter parts, you pick Saturation in the first drop-down, and Lightness as the driver channel. Then, pull up the right end to the top.

If you wish to desaturate everything but the teal/blues, you select Saturation for the channel and Hue for the driver. Then put a dot in the middle and pull down the dots on either sides.

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Channel Ops might be worth a look.

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