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DDS importing: how to more aptly view/alter alphas?

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In some game engines (in this case Skyrim and older BGS games using DX9 texture pipeline), a DDS texture file's alpha channel is not used for transparency but for alternate material maps, such as a specular map stored in the normal map's alpha. However, when importing such a texture, Paint.net applies it as a transparency.


Is there any way to view and alter the alpha channel completely separately from the RGB image when importing a DDS? Can it then be exported back in a proper alpha-enabled DDS format? That's pretty much the only functionality I hold on to an ancient version of Photoshop for: viewing and manipulating the alpha channels separately.

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I know nothing about .DDS and I don't know what you want to do to the alpha channel?


My 'Alpha Threshold' plugin can show alpha as a colour but is not intended for height map editing. Perhaps combined with Pyrochild's 'Curves+' on alpha setting?

If you are writing stuff for games you clearly understand what an alpha channel is. Therefore, why not explore codelab to write exactly what you require?
All code needed is there (currentpixel.A) and I'm sure you will be helped if you have problems (post in 'Plugin-developers-central')...by people who know what they are talking about (probably not me!🥴).


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