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Rotation like a satelite

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Hello everyone,


I'm trying to do a rotation like a satellite, i mean I have a couple of 2d object that is need to turn around a silhouette.

If I use rotation/zoom in layers menu, it can do the rotation but I want that the object are still facing me. In fact a rotation with depth and not by inclination.


On the image I put on the left what I don't want to have and on the right what I expect.

The thing is, I have many object to add in many circular shape so do it 1 by 1 will be a bit long, and even if all my 2d object have the same size, resize every one if they are in front or in depth will be pain.

PS : don't bother at the color they are only here for me to see details.


What to do the right part :

Draw a circle, 3d rotate the circle

Put my 2D object in an order, resize it if needed

Blur my 2D object 1 by 1 with trail blur here from MJW

Add the 2D object again at the same place


I'm hoping their is a better way.


Sans titre.png

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Hi @Dundorg


Welcome to the forum :)


Have you checked out the Shape3D plugin? It has a cylindrical projection and texture mapping options that I'm sure gives you the ability to render to the inside of the projection as well.


The trick is to place the three objects on a transparent layer. Space them apart and locate them along the canvas 'equator' before running the plugin.


One of the Axis rotations will easily spin the satellites around the equator. They are not going to always be "forward facing" using this technique, however I think you might like the effect of them being 'side on' at the left and right extremes of the arc.


If you render to successive layers you can later rotate them to give all layers an angle of inclination. 

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The second (Axis-2) controls the rotation you want to play with ;)


Here's a little demo I threw together. The frames are 15 degrees apart, which looks awfully choppy. I rendered each from a common 'source' frame.


The tilting axis was created later with the outer ring of rotate/zoom. Once you do the first layer, repeat on each other layer with the same settings.



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