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Resource Portal for New Users

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Resource Portal for New Users

I have decided to re-post this in what seems to be a more apropriate place, please delete if this is not OK.

Are you a new user of Paint.NET? I have compiled a portal of resource links to help you begin using the program.

Learning to use the program

Help File... link

Paint.NET Interactive Tutorial... link

LearnPDN... link

Writing Plugins

BoltBait's Plugin Tutorial... link

Dennis C. Dietrich's Plugin Tutorial... link

PixelLab... link

Improving your practices

10 Healthy Habits of a Paint.NET Artist... link

PDN Tips and Tricks... link

The Ultimate Guide to Tags... link TopHATSlash

Adding stock to your image

PlanetRenders... link CodeEmber

StockXChng... link

Other graphics communities

DeviantArt... link

TagFlow... link Mike Ryan

TechGFX... link Code Ember

Use Paint.NET on the move

Portable .NET... link

If you have a link you believe should be included simply make a post relating to it in this thread.

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It doesn't claim to be official, nor does it claim to be endorsed by dotPDNllc.


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A pretty good and active forum focusing on signatures/tags. Although there are sub-forums on other categories of art, the signature forums is the most active.

EDIT: The community doesn't really seem to comment on new people. (For me anyways) Beware! :twisted:


Code_Ember passed away on October 25, 2008. The Paint.NET forum staff and members wish his family and friends only the best in this difficult time.

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