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new to the forums and need some help with the " ROTATE / ZOOM " feature

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after I use the rotate/zoom under 'layers' to get the image turned and adjusted with the level of depth I am needing, I hit 'ok'.  I 'grab' the image, and drag it into position, only to realize that I didnt get it quite right, so I open up the rotate/zoom again, but only to see my image 'jump' or move to a new and different position(?)  
I tried everything I can think of, but I just do not understand what is happening.  I would like to be able to select the rotate/zoom option again (after I use it and close it out) with the layer in the same position... I know that probably doesn't make much sense.  Its hard to describe what I am dealing with. 

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Hopefully with this example image I was playing around with I can illustrate exactly what the issue is I am dealing with. Thanks for being patient with me btw :)
Here I am working with an example image that I am just playing around with in order to figure out this issue.  I am trying to add the correct depth and rotation to the '33' image and then place it over the '50' inside the speed limit sign: 




I open up the rotate/zoom feature and make the adjustments to what I think it should be:



After I hit 'ok', and the rotate/zoom window closes, and using the little 4-way arrow box in the lower right hand side of the image/layer, I drag it into the desired position. 



But, I still dont have it quite right, so I then once again open up the rotate/zoom feature, but only to see my image/layer MOVE to a new position slightly above and to the right... any adjustments I now make using the rotate/zoom only seems makes it worse than it was before let alone making any 'fine tune' adjustments I needed to make to make it 'just right'.   (the difference is kinda small between this image and the one above, but its enough that it makes attempting any further adjustments much harder than it was on the very first attempt.)


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