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Metallic look

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Hello and welcome Isaree1102


I've split your question out of the thread you posted it in. It deserves it's own thread ;)


Can you show us an example of what you have, and what you're trying to achieve?


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I like to build custom content for the sims, and I'm learning as I go. The examples I attached, are some of the examples I'm wondering about. In the first I already know the metallic shows in game because it's a template directly from sims. In the second are a few colors I'd love to see have a metallic effect, and the last two are cloth texture, and the arrows are pointing to what I'd like to have in a metallic color. Sims 4 Studio (S4S) is a program that another creator was generous enough to build and let us use so we are able to easily convert the game files to pngs that we can alter. Unfortunately the lighting in game isn't the best for colors looking one shade in paint.net and another in game so I have that working against me as well. As I said I'm still learning, but I just can't seem to fully grasp what all I need to do for those colors to have a metallic effect I'm trying to achieve. On a personal side note, I wanted to thank y'all for allowing us users to have access to your app. There are so many of us who can't afford that program that thinks too highly of itself, and it's people like you who let us continue doing what we love and freely sharing our creations with the community for free. 


Bow series Palette metallic wishes.png

Shirt example 1.png

Shirt example 2.png

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The attached images are very small. Are you able to post larger versions?

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