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Assigning Colors to Digits

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Hello everyone,

I want to make a chart where I assign colors to different digits. 

For example: 1 is white and as the numbers go up it gets darker and darker until the highest digit is reached which is represented in black.

I want to make it so you enter a number and it automatically assigns it to its' color.

Could you guys help me?

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I don't think that what you are asking is in the range of Paint.NET
It seems like something that would be in the range of a presentation manager such as 'Power Point' and a spreadsheet such as 'Excel'.
(There is open source freeware such as 'LibreOffice' and 'OpenOffice' , that can create documents which can be read and written to by the Microsoft Office apps that I mentioned above.


It would take an app that lets you run scripting along with graphics. (Javascript, or the Canvas part of HTML5)


Introduction to HTML 5:

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to add more nfo / correcting errors


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This is astonishingly easy to in Google Sheets. Have you considered that as an option?



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