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Background removal

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Hi people, I am new to this forum and really want you guys to look beyond my mistakes if I make any. The thing is I want to learn how to remove any back ground from any image, which software should I use and is it really very tough?. How much time would it require to master in this section?.

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Often you will have to use both the Wand Tool and The Eraser Tool as demonstrated in the video below:

(However, I would use the enlarged Eraser first to get rid of big portions of the background,

and then zoom in to use a much smaller Eraser to get in close and clean up the remaining

background elements that are next to the main image.)

I would zoom in much closer and use the Eraser with a 2 pixel width to really get in close. Next I would use a Feathering plugin to soften the edges around my main subject before merging the background and foreground.

There are Feathering plugins included in Boltbait's plugin pack:





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Welcome to the forum @mariah!  


There are lots of knowledgeable people here who can answer your questions; just ask!  :)


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I have use a similar method but instead of tracing with cyan; I use magenta.
After the subject is traced, I select the Fill Bucket and a tolerance of ~70-75% to fill the background and other enclosed traced areas.
Next I paint using magenta the background areas that did not fill.
Last I use the Wand Tool to remove the magenta.



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A plugin that is not getting enough attention is TechnoRobb's Alpha Cutter.


Even though the use of remove.bg website helps to isolate a subject from the background, sometime it doesn't work.  When that happens, I will default to Alpha Cutter and work very patiently.  Pro tip: if you feel the plugin lags, reduce the size of your photograph between 40 to 60%, and it will speed up the use of Alpha Cutter.

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There is also a limit to the file sizes the free version remove.bg will handle.

The report is that the free version has a file size limit of 0.25 megapixels.
If your image has an aspect ratio of 16:9 your image can only be as large as 667 x 375 pixels.

I have used and have recommended TR's Alpha Cutter. Have not use it in a while.
I will have to revisit it. At the time that I was using it; I was having problems managing the zoom feature.

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On 11/9/2019 at 11:35 PM, welshblue said:


Only yourself can answer that. 

Pay for PS or achieve the same thing for free in PDN using one of the 3 ways answered above. 


For me it's a no-brainer ...  but you may think differently.  

Hi welshblue, thankyou for your comment, yes after all the search I have concluded to give PS a shot for that, but the thing is they take money. On the other hand you are suggesting to use PDN, which I have never heard of, have to search it as well. Thanks for your reply though.


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