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Repetitive Password Resets for this site

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Your site sure doesn't like me; I've been forced to reset my passwords multiple times despite the number of times I kept punching in the correct password.  And if I want to see whatever post comes next, I'll have to do it again.  I have no idea what's going on and why this site won't take my passwords.

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It is probably what toe_head2001 described but if that does not fix it:-


If you have your browser set to delete your history on closing that could be the problem unless you did what TrevorOutlaw just said.


Ccleaner and other similar tools will delete all cookies and with it any active logins unless the relevant cookies are specifically saved ie. added to its exclusion list.


Neither of the two above make sense if you're having to re-login during the same session so toe_head2001's explanation is the most likely.

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